Krol 180 WSR handed over to Strukton Rail

Krol 180 WSR delivered to Strukton Rail. This is number 52. This machine with tier-4 final engine meets the strictest environmental requirements.

This machine has:

  • A new cabin, allowing more visibility around the vehicle.
  • New electronics (tip key dashboard)
  • Heavier axles for the undercarriage
  • Climate control

It has also been extended with the regular wishes Strukton Rail has.

Krol deliveren to Strukton België 180WSR with LMB

The very first 180SR railcrane with a Tier 4-final engine with Ad Blue. Also has a new cabin with enlarged upper window and windscreen wiper engine. This machine also has the new electronics system known from the 05 series. Atlas chose the heavier edition of the NAF axles. In short, a great new machine with the reliability we always provide.

Delivered to Strukton Rail DERUSTER

A deruster for two rails in one pass
It drives on rails with 4 200mm rail wheels
Tube frame for mounting of actuators with suspension forks for railway wheels
Equipped with two drives for interchangeable steel brushes.
Adjustable height to correct the pressure on the rail due to wear on the steel brushes.
Drive through 2 hydraulic motors connected in series to ensure synchronization.
Length: 1500 mm.
Width: 1680 mm.
Height: 950 mm.
Weight: 775 kg.