Atlas railway machine with aerial work platform for SweJo

SweJo B.V. from Heers (Belgium), through Van Tetering, has equipped an Atlas railway machine with an elevated work platform. This fully equipped Atlas 180Wsr is now even better suited for performing tasks on overhead lines. Van Tetering Earthmoving and Railway Machines B.V. wishes SweJo B.V. many more years of productive work with the Atlas 180Wsr.

The Atlas 180WSR railway machine has been fitted with a work platform according to the aerial work platform standard NEN-EN 280 by the professionals at Van Tetering. The maximum weight in the work basket is 240 kg, or two persons plus 40 kg of work material. The dimensions of the work basket are 1.00 x 1.80 x 1.10 m. Knee rail at 0.60 m and entry with intermediate protection. The basket can rotate approximately 300º, and the machine's rotation range during work basket use is 360º.

Proportional Canbus control from within the work basket, including driving. Automatic stabilization when the machine pivots; the stabilizers are automatically released when the upper carriage of the machine pivots within 15 degrees over the front or rear side.

This is just a small part of the many modifications carried out by Van Tetering. This expertise is valued by end users, and it's for this reason that we maintain long and intensive relationships with many customers engaged in work on and around the railway. For more information about Atlas railway machines, rail attachments, and rail carts, please contact Van Tetering Earthmoving and Railway Machines B.V. in Steenbergen or De Bruycker-Kemp in Hamme.